The systems are ordered specifically to your project at hand. Our support staff is available to assist you through the planning, designing and application phases to assure the most cost effective utilization of our energy recovery technology.

New Construction

If it is pre-determined that energy recovery will be incorporated within a new building design with a central exhaust/supply point, the system can incorporate the appropriate fans required to compensate for the system pressure drop losses and required CFM flow. The unit can be delivered with the fans encased within the energy recovery ventilator and are readily accessible by maintenance doors. The fans are sized to the provided specifications when ordered, and delivered ready for installation. Reverse Flow® will also allow you to place the required fans anywhere within the HVAC system and not within the recovery structure itself in situations where rooftop weight, outdoor environmental needs or other unique conditions arise.

Retrofit Of A Existing System

The system, because of its ability to be sized to the exact exhaust air stream will have a maximum of a 1/2 inch pressure drop added to the system. This capability allows the engineer the ability, if appropriate, to use the existing system fans in the design if capacity allows. Once again, if there is a need for additional CFM flow the system can be delivered with the appropriate booster fans incorporated within the system to make up for the added 1/2 pressure drop or designed with new full system fans in situations where the old fans will be discarded.

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